Production Applications

Widely used in automotive industry; motive power engineering; measurement and machine instruction ( MOTORS; SENSORS; ROTORS; WIND TURBINE/GENERATOR; SPEAKERS etc)

1.Alnico magnet was developed in the early 1930’s. Alnico magnet material is made by alloying aluminum, nickel and cobalt with iron. 2.With different process, they are totally with two kinds, Cast AlNiCo and Sintered AlNiCo. 3.A high working temperature limit (550 °C / 1020 °F) makes Alnico magnet especially well suited for sensitive automotive and aircraft sensor applications.

Learn More About Magnetic Applications

Learn More About Magnetic Applications

SmCo Magnet have extremely important applications in many fields. This is a new type of magnetic steel that has good application effects in the transmission field, especially in the dual-clutch transmission of automobiles. There are many SmCo Magnet used. Let us briefly understand the application of SmCo Magnet in the transmission field.

The application of AlNiCo magnets in the speaker field

As a transducer device that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals, speakers are used in many devices, especially audio equipment. However, speakers are particularly weak and a sound-producing device, but they are also the most critical device for pronunciation , So we need to pay more attention to it. The core material of the speaker is AlNiCo magnets. Let’s take a look at the application of AlNiCo magnets in the speaker field.

Application of SmCo Magnet in the field of magnetic therapy equipment

According to modern experiments, there is a difference in relaxation time between normal human tissue and diseased tissue. Therefore, through these research scientists, scientists have invented some magnetic therapy equipment to assist doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. SmCo Magnet are the most used in magnetic therapy equipment.

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