strontium ferrite magnet

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strontium ferrite magnet
strontium ferrite magnet

strontium ferrite magnet - HS Magnetic device



strontium ferrite magnet



strontium ferrite magnet - HS Magnetic device


SUITABLE FOR VARIOS SURFACES – The GAUDER Ferrite Magnets are created for metal surfaces such as fridges, whiteboards, notice boards, magnetic boards and flipcharts – useful in kitchens, offices, schools, universities and workshops.


EASY INSTALLATION – By means of the round ceramic magnets, you can easily attach your postcards, photos, posters and notes. Oil and dirt reduce the carrying capacity.


GAUDER PREMIUM QUALITY – The GAUDER craft magnets are extremely strong and robust in terms of shape and size. All GAUDER magnets are manufactured using the elaborate anisotropic process.


HIGH RESISTANCE – The extra strong industrial magnets are stainless and therefore very resistant to corrosion, oxidation and demagnetization.


GAUDER SUPPORTS YOU – After your purchase, the GAUDER team will provide you with extensive advice and support. Your customer satisfaction comes first.


strontium ferrite magnet - HS Magnetic device


QUALITY - They are Super Strong and reliable, and will never break or fall down even if there's an earthquake and can be used at fairly high temperatures.


DESIGN - 1-4 inch hole allows objects to be attached easier Nice Round Surface Attractive Magnets that has a North and South Pole Side Pull/Repel.


USES - The possibilities are virtually endless, Universal uses include: Holding anything on your Fridge, Bulletin/White Boards, Picking Up Sewing Pins, Christmas/Halloween Decorations etc.


strontium ferrite magnet - HS Magnetic device


Product description

Size:With Hole

About The HS MagneticPremium Round Ferrite Magnet Discs with a Hole.


strontium ferrite magnet - HS Magnetic device


The Problem:

You have to read your Recipe while cooking/baking but you don’t want your Recipe sheet/book to get dirty, how can you prevent it?

Our Solution:

The HS MagneticRound Magnet Disc with Hole Set.

Magnetic Strength:

Holds 1 lb. of magnetic strength even for very thick papers, & would survive an earthquake under normal usage.


The convenient round shape with center hole makes it useable, sticking onto anywhere & anything.

North/South Pole Sides:

With this North & South Pole Side Pull/Repel it’ll stick anywhere & it’ll be very playable.



With these magnets you can be very creative, Example: Make a Refrigerator Magnet out of old bottle caps by sticking this magnet inside the beer cap & just hang it up.

Sewing Pins Holder/Retriever:

Pins stay put on the round magnet pin holder with a powerful magnetic field.


Arts & Crafts:

The alluring magnets are very useful for hanging anything, creating pins/ribbons, fishing (attaching to the back of a paper fish) etc. (Receptive to most adhesives).


strontium ferrite magnet - HS Magnetic device

Art Installation:

When installing beautiful/antic arts it is crucial to hang it properly, with these magnets it will be very easy.


strontium ferrite magnet - HS Magnetic device

Use for:

Hold Recipes, Meal Plans, Cleaning Schedules & Fridge Restocks On the Fridge/Metal Appliances

Hold Papers On Your Message Center, Day Planner, Bulletin Boards & White Boards

Hold Even Very Thick Paper, Cardstocks

Kids Party Games/Fishing Rods, glass/mirror games

To Hold Shower Curtains in Place

To Organize the Garage with Cans

To Make a Spice Rack or Any Type of Rack

Art Installation

Add to a Car/Truck Cab Cover

Christmas Projects/Halloween Decorations

Classroom Experiments

Science Projects

Product Manufacturing Applications

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